About Podium
What is Podium?

Podium is a leading resource in Japan for podcasting. We provide a Podium Blog, a podcasting news blog in Japanese, Podium Radio, our own podcasts in Japanese and English and develop podcasting tools.

In Podium Blog, we produce up to the minute articles (in Japanese) on podcasting in Japan and the latest podcasting trends around the world for the Japanese audience. We also produce hands-on podcasting how-tos ranging from installing Linux on iPod to enhanced podcasts.

Our first podcast on Podium Radio is Kanda Podsayings, a series of very short 30-second daily podcasts in Japanese about business tips and strategies. Each episode is delivered with a transcript which can be read on either a PC or MP3 player. This means that these podcasts/transcripts can also be used as material for Japanese language learners.

Being bilingual (native Japanese speakers with English/Chinese abilities) and language learners ourselves, we are committed to create podcasts which are not only informative, entertaining and educational for Japanese speakers but also can be used as language learning material. We also intend to create bilingual/English-only podcasts to bridge Japanese-speaking and English-speaking communities.

As a podcasting tool, we lanched Popcasts, an aggregator of 'most popular podcasts' from different English podcast directories, all on one page. We also have Popcasts Japanese which aggregates Japanese podcast directories.

We plan to launch international podcast services in the near future, including German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Korean. User 'clamour' will help us decide in which order to rank these language sources. Vote early and vote often.

Being based in Osaka and Kobe (Kansai), Japan, we host podcasting events in Kansai with the intention of establishing a podcasting community in Kansai.

Would you like us to promote your podcasts in Japan?

We provide free promotion of interesting podcasts from around the world in Japanese. If you have any information about a podcast or anything related to podcasting that you think would interest the Japanese audience, please email us at .

The Podium Team

The Podium Team is a group of internationally minded Japanese professionals based in Osaka and Kobe (Kansai), Japan, with a mix of technical and business skills, and Arts interests. We are avid fans of intelligent talk radio, and independent music.