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30-50年代米国ラジオを再放送:Vintage Radio Shows.com


Vintage Radio Shows.com

30、40、50年代米国で放送された人気ラジオ番組をポッドキャストにて再放送。7月9日現在、保険調査員が主人公の探偵ドラマ(Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar)が第4話まで配信されている。会費月$6.95(約779円)で更により多くの番組をダウンロードすることができる。ポッドキャストは無料。

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このリストは、次のエントリーを参照しています: 30-50年代米国ラジオを再放送:Vintage Radio Shows.com:

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Hey... Thanks for the link. I hope you'll drop buy and enjoy a show or two,

By the way.. its Vintage Radio Shows.com (with an s). Thanks.

Your friend,


投稿者 Mike Morrison : 2005年10月03日 07:33

Hello Michael,

Thank you so much for your comment and correction!

Being an avid fan of radio drama (with a good script) myself, I really appreciate the idea behind VintageRadioShows.com that is to make well-produced classic radio dramas available as podcasts.

Amongst others, I enjoyed 'Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar' very much indeed. It's got a really nice cosmopolitan atmosphere which reminds me of classic films such as The Third Man (1949) and The 39 Steps (1935). It was also fascinating to listen to American spoken English in that period and realise just how much it differs from that of today in many regards.

The current diversity of podcasts is, of course, most welcomed but, in my humble opinion, perhaps quality will win out in the long run.

We look forward to more of the great radio dramas from VintageRadioShows.com.

- May

投稿者 May Kuroma : 2005年10月04日 05:11